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American escorts in London

We have had a number of American escorts over the years.

American escorts you find in London can be students studying here or American women who have chosen to live in London. There are also American porn stars who come to London to work in the porn industry and do some escorting to boost their income. Other American specifically come to London to tour. Take escort bookings for their short stay in London.

In many cities the United States of America, British escorts are popular because American men are attracted by the various British accents. Especially the posh accents. British men in general probably are not quite into the various American accents in the same way. But American escorts are still popular in London. There are not many of them and clients are attracted to something different.

American escorts in London come in all different size and shapes. They do not have to be bleach blonde playboy models. We hope to add female escorts from America when we get the chance.