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Australian escorts in London

We have had a number of Australian escorts over the years. Currently Saucy London does not have a representative of an Australian escort in London.

There are always some Australian escorts in London. Some are living in London, while others will be travelling through London. The travelling Australian escort will use her opportunity in London to make some extra cash. Which is obviously helpful for funding her travels.

Australians in general are positive and cheerful. Escorts from Australia also bring this outlook to their bookings. They can also be very kinky. Bringing different kinds of outfits and a range of toys to their bookings. There have been a number of dominant escorts from Australia working in London.

Communication is obviously easier with Australian escorts. Role-play scenarios can be explained precisely. This is always helpful and avoids misunderstandings that can occur with ladies from countries where the first language is not English. Conversation also helps on longer bookings like dinner dates or overnights.

Australians are known for loving to participate in sporting activities. Female escorts from Australia tend to be in good shape. The beach worshiping culture in many parts of Australia definitely helps. Saucy London has had a few Australian bikini models in the past. They were very popular.

As escorts from Australia in London tend to be here for a short time. They are very focused on doing well. Taking advantage of this opportunity to work as an escort in London. As they are a very long way from home they are more confident regarding the discretion aspects of working as an escort. In other words they think it is less likely anyone will find out.

Saucy London is always on the lookout for fun and saucy Australian ladies that would like to join our agency. Australian escorts in London are always popular.