Let’s Talk Role Play

Looking to spice your night up with some sensual, erotic foreplay? From silk ties to front-opening, pop-open bras; we have your ultimate guide when looking to dabble in your wildest fantasies. So let’s talk role play! We look at some of the most popular fantasies loved by both men and women and just what makes them that little bit awesome!

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7 Ways Men Determine Whether They Receive Oral Sex Again!

Making sex demands can sometimes be sexy, but more often than that, demands between the sheets are off putting and if anything turn the sex factor all the way down! We get it – oral sex for some can be even hotter, steamier and raunchy than the physical act of intercourse, so if ‘you’ men, want to receive oral sex ever again, you’ll make sure to read the 7 ways men determine whether they receive oral sex again!

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How to Dress to Impress in the Bedroom

Whilst a passionate session with your lover each and every night seems like a great idea in theory, for most couples this just isn’t a reality.

With the busyness of everyday life, coupled with kids, jobs, household chores and more, by the time bedtime comes drifting into a state of blissful sleep is a whole lot more alluring than your partner…

But not to worry – sometimes a little wardrobe refresh is all you need to get you in the mood to get busy – and we have just the thing to get you looking and feeling your sexiest self in the bedroom:

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