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7 Ways Men Determine Whether They Receive Oral Sex Again!

Making sex demands can sometimes be sexy, but more often than that, demands between the sheets are off putting and if anything turn the sex factor all the way down! We get it – oral sex for some can be even hotter, steamier and raunchy than the physical act of intercourse, so if ‘you’ men, want to receive oral sex ever again, you’ll make sure to read the 7 ways men determine whether they receive oral sex again!

1) Demanding a blow job because we’re on our period

Making sex demands is never cool, but in this situation we’re especially sensitive and it’s especially infuriating. We’re very sorry our bodies turn into a cramping, collision of emotions each and every month, but if you’re going to refuse us period sex then you better believe we’re not going to co-operate and hey we hear masturbating is pleasant?

2) Pushing our head forcefully into your crotch

DO NOT DO THIS. Seriously. This is not only annoying, it scares us because we don’t know when we’re going to get to breathe again and what if we gag?

3) Lying there like a silent starfish

Err, hello? You still up there? We’re not saying we require porn star moans to get you off, but a little noise and encouragement to let us know our jaw ache is getting us somewhere is always appreciated.

4) Stroking our hair and patting our head

Yes, you’re probably trying to reassure us or be cute or intimate or something but in reality all you’re doing is making us feel like a dog being petted. Also your fingers sometimes tickle and we’re basically just trying to concentrate on finishing the job without gagging so no distractions please.

5) Giving us a blow by blow (pardon the pun) of exactly what you want us to do

By all means tell us what feels good with a moan here and a ‘don’t stop’ there, but a detailed list of instructions is just off-putting. Let us express some creativity.

6) Staring down creepily

You like to watch the action – we get it – but staring at us like we’re your favourite porn star is really putting us off.

7) Not warning us when you’re about to blow

‘I’m coming’. IT’S TWO LITTLE WORDS. This is all we require – preferably giving us enough time to assess the situation and what we wish to do next. So don’t just assume what you think we would like to do – have a little appreciation and show some consideration!

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