What Bridget Jones Taught Us About Sex

Many of us will readily admit that we associate at least part of ourselves with our much-loved, flawed heroine, Bridget Jones. Navigating life with about as much delicacy as a bull in a china shop; she has taught females globally, that it is ok to laugh at yourself, and more importantly to be yourself. However, that’s not all. In the most recent instalment of this popular franchise, we see two dreamy, successful and sensitive men fight for her affections. So, what can our fantastically-normal heroine teach us about sex?


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7 Ways Men Determine Whether They Receive Oral Sex Again!

Making sex demands can sometimes be sexy, but more often than that, demands between the sheets are off putting and if anything turn the sex factor all the way down! We get it – oral sex for some can be even hotter, steamier and raunchy than the physical act of intercourse, so if ‘you’ men, want to receive oral sex ever again, you’ll make sure to read the 7 ways men determine whether they receive oral sex again!

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