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The Saucy Guide to Dirty Talk

Whether you’re in a long term relationship or enjoying a series of casual hook-ups, dirty talk is pretty much a non-negotiable when it comes to having sheet grabbing sex.

Now we’re not saying you have to use explicit language or curse words to master the language of love – there are a wide range of varying levels and all you have to do is find yours…

What is ‘dirty talk?’

Despite its name, dirty talk doesn’t have to consist of speech – moans, sighs and sultry breathing all suffice. Basically anything that heightens foreplay and gets you and your partner in the mood is dirty talk at its best.

You can go naughty and racy or soft and sleek; some people feel comfortable using explicit, out there language and others cringe at the sound. The best way to work out what’s best for you and your partner is to talk about it before you actually begin getting hot and heavy; that way you both know boundaries and have a clear idea of where to start.

Where to begin?


Dirty talk


Many people wish to start utilizing dirty talk to heighten their sexual experiences, however are unsure of where to start. Beginners may find it easier to read out chapters of an erotic book to their partner, and vice versa. This means that shyer people can literally hide behind a book cover until they build up their confidence; it also gets them used to saying dirty words out loud which often feels strange at first and hence is a barrier to dirty talk flowing.

Words and Phrases

When it comes to dirty talk, simple is often the most effective; start using certain words and phrases and in time you’ll work out which turn your partner on the most.

Generally it’s a case of telling your partner what you want them to do to you, and what they’re currently doing that feels good. Obviously don’t bark instructions, but positively encourage your partner using words like ‘harder’, ‘faster’ or ‘don’t stop’ ‘just like that’.



Erotic couple dirty talk

Young adult couple in the studio hugging

Here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for – actual written examples that we guarantee will drive your partner wild! From milder sex talk to more explicit and raunchy phrases, you’re sure to find something in this list that will suit you – so get storing these in your brain for a rainy day romp…

Soft Dirty Talk

I love how you look in that shirt/dress

You’re so sexy, I’m so lucky to have you

You always know just how to turn me on

Just thinking about the last time we were together makes me weak at the knees

I can’t get enough of your legs/breasts/biceps

Medium Dirty Talk

Just thinking about you makes me so wet

You can have me any way you want me tonight, baby

I love that thing you do with your tongue

That feels so good, don’t stop!

I want you so badly right now

I want to wrap my legs around your waist and feel you inside me

I love how you taste

Hard-core Dirty Talk

It’s so hot when I feel you shoot your load inside me

F*ck me harder

I want you to cum all over my breasts baby

I love it when you f*ck me like your little slut

I could stay between your legs all day, licking, sucking, teasing you…


These are just a few examples, but pick a few that you feel comfortable with and try them out – have fun and don’t be quiet in the bedroom!