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The Saucy Dictionary

Ever been that little bit too embarrassed to ask about that sexual act that your mates down the local pub were referring to? Well don’t fret! We have your back – The Saucy Dictionary covers all of the major terms banded around by those looking to brag about things they most likely haven’t done!



Conventional sex that only occurs on anniversaries, on birthdays and at Christmas.


abc sex


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In the porn industry, this term has nothing to do with a cash machine! The acronym describes the action of one partner taking something that had previously been inserted in the other’s bottom and putting it in their mouth.

A – A description of your derriere rhyming with farce
T – To
M – Mouth

Grim, we know!



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A ‘cottage’ used to be a gay slang term for a public lavatory. Cottaging hence referred to the anonymous sex enjoyed between men in a “cottage” / public lavatory.




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Daisy Chain


A Daisy Chain refers to group sex, or more specifically, oral sex, in which the participants both give and receive oral sex at the same time. This is usually performed in a circular fashion, hence the image of a daisy chain.


daisy chain

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The term ‘dogging’ was first coined through the occurrence of dog walkers stumbling across couples furtively having sex outside and stopping to watch, just out of sight. In recent years, dogging has become more of an organized activity in which locations are specified so that couples can publically have sex in front of strangers for a heightened sexual thrill. The practice is still considered to be rather seedy.



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When nearing their sexual climax, couples purposefully stop in order to elongate the sexual anticipation and build up. This is believed to cause greater pleasure when the couple do agree to climax together.

Ménage à trois


A three-person sexual relationship. This term is non-gender specific, so the trio could be three women, three men, two women and a man or, two men and a woman. Traditionally, the trio would be living under the same roof. The term translates from French as ‘household of three.’



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This term again is an acronym standing for:

M – Mother
I – I’d
L – Like to
F – (have relations with – rhyming with duck!)

Typically, a slightly more mature woman who would have relations with a younger man.




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Pure and simply having a foot fetish.



A form of bondage in which the person dominating their partner sits on the side of their face. A safe word should always be agreed upon before performing this act to prevent any discomfort to the neck and to prevent suffocation.



The act of sucking another’s toes.




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Spit roasting


Traditionally, this in an act in which a woman is penetrated from behind by the first man, whilst giving oral sex to a second man.

Stranger On The Rocks


Using a handful of ice to send your hand numb before masturbation. This way, your mind is arguably fooled into thinking it is the hand of a ‘stranger’.



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When the man repeatedly inserts his scrotum into another’s mouth, like the act of dunking a teabag in a mug.

Vanilla Sex


Sex that is seen to conform to societal norms. Usually, this includes no form of BDSM, fetishism or kink.



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