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Where to go for the best views in London

London has many places to go and views to witness, in this article I am going to uncover some of the unique and one of a kind places to go.

The Shard

Irvine Sellar is the developer and main owner of The Shard. His vision was to create a city that combines retail, offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants and a gallery all in one. His idea was to build a community that thrives on all of these and house them into one vertical city. The view from the Shard is one not to miss out on.

View from Shard tower London

Vertigo 42

Vertigo 42 located at the top of Tower 42 is an excellent destination for a spectacular view, is it one of London’s tallest buildings, the champagne bar offers an amazing panoramic view overlooking many of London’s Iconic landmarks.

View from vertigo 42 tower

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill with its individual Characteristics has many great views to see across London. Purchased by Eton College in 1841 to extend the land for more people to enjoy. On many occasions primrose hill has such natural beauty at many different times. Credit goes out to Adam Butler Photography.

View from Primrose hill London

Oxo Tower

The Oxo Tower is the renowned tall building located in the South bank of the River Thames. The ground floor has various Shops such as arts and crafts, the first floor containing two galleries Bargehouse and gallery@oxo. The Third to Seventh floors contain 78 flats owned by the Redwood Housing. On the 8th Floor is the The OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie, which contains the beautiful view.

View from Oxo Tower London