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Czech escorts in London

Czech women are said to be among the most beautiful in the world. Obviously a very subjective comment. In London Czech escorts are definitely stunning. The Czech public and the United Kingdom are both in the European Union. This mean there is free movement of workers between the two countries. Czech escorts can travel to London easily without any visa.

The stereotypical Czech female escort in London is in her early twenties, slim, leggy and probably blonde. It goes without saying that she has a very pretty face with high cheek bones. Her perfect breasts a supposedly due to chicken farmers in the Czech republic loading the birds with growth hormones. There are many Czech escorts in London that match that description. But like women all over the world, Czech escorts come in other sizes and shapes too.

The Czech escorts we have come across at Saucy London, tend to be speak very good English. Most speak it fluently. Many are students or have careers and are looking to make some extra money.

Saucy London always tries to make sure the escorts we represent are lots of fun and very seductive. This has definitely been the case with the Czech escorts we have had at the agency.