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London is a great place for anyone who likes a little flutter now and again,
especially if they have a beautiful woman on their arm. London has around
twenty four casinos, many of which are concentrated around the city center.
Don’t worry if you are alone in London, there is a bevy of beautiful escorts just a
phone call away. If you plan on gambling in the evening there is nothing better
than to have someone cheering you on from the sidelines.

The Casino Empire is situated in Leicester Square, the heart of London’s West
End. No matter what sort of gambling you prefer you are bound to find what you
like at the Casino Empire. You will find one of the most popular poker games
around, including three card poker. If poker isn’t your thing or you prefer a spot of
the James Bond experience then there is blackjack and American roulette to help
you while away the time. The casino also offers Asian cuisine if you are hungry,
and a number of bars where you can slake your thirst.

If you plan on some gambling once you have left a night club then the Golden
Nugget is open all hours. The Golden Nugget is situated on Shaftesbury Avenue
off Charing Cross and offers 24 hour poker games. The casino features a great
bistro if you want to eat before or after you play and a chilled bar – great for
couples or groups of friends. The Palm Beach casino is situated in Berkeley
Street in London’s famous Mayfair. Along with poker the casino offers gaming,
including baccarat, black jack and American roulette. Palm Beach also has
kitchen and restaurant facilities if you plan on spending the evening there.

Napoleon’s Casino and restaurants is in Leicester Square and offers poker and
other games as well as a varied menu. Many of the London casinos, including
Napoleon’s have private membership and guests will have a monetary limit
placed on their gaming. The Gala casino has 25 branches throughout the UK,
including one on Tottenham Court Road. The casino offers a variety of games
and poker, which can also be accessed online when you are away from the city.

The Hippodrome is a newly opened casino in London’s New Oxford Street. The
casino spans four floors of an historic building and offers poker, blackjack and
roulette, to name but a few of its games. The casino offers a restaurant, bar and
lounge as well as live cabaret so you could make a complete evening of it there.

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