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Escort Nationalities

The escorts at Saucy London escort agency come from various different nationalities.

These include:

American escorts – Saucy London has had a number of fun open-minded escorts from the USA!

Argentinian escorts – We do sometimes have some sexy ladies from Argentina! But none at the moment!

Australian escorts – Aussie ladies in London have been some of the most popular escorts in London

Brazilian escorts – Escorts from Brazil are known for their sexy bodies and natural abilities!

Czech escorts – Very pretty – high cheek bones! Sexy with long legs!

Portuguese escorts – We have not had many Portuguese escorts, but those we have had, are a lot of fun!

Russian escorts – Known for being sexy and very wild!

Spanish escorts – Spanish ladies at Saucy London, have been fun and their sexy accents have been very popular!

Swedish escorts – Not many Swedish ladies have worked at Saucy London escort agency, but those that have, get very good feedback!