Saucy London has worked with both escorts from India and British Indian escorts. Here is a selection of our current Indian escorts.

Indian escorts refer to female escorts who are citizens of countries in the Indian subcontinent and happen to be staying in London. They also refer to British female citizens who have a background or heritage from the Indian subcontinent. One or more of their parents might have been born there.

Another way to refer to Indian escorts in the United Kingdom is the phrase British Asian escort. In the United States of America, the term Asian refers to people who are of oriental heritage. This can be confusing to our American clients. Using the term Indian escorts is usually safer way to make sure there is no confusion or misunderstandings.

Indian escorts are very stylish. They come in all sizes and shapes. More commonly they tend not to be very tall and usually have an attractive hour glass figure. Many clients love this look. Especially the silky black hair and deep brown eyes.

Saucy London escort agency have had a number of very popular Indian escorts over the years. At times we have a few Indian escorts and sometimes we do not have any. Please keep an eye on this gallery for any new Indian escorts to Saucy London.