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Independent Escorts

Independent escorts are ladies who are not necessarily affiliated with an escort agency. They usually have their own website with a contact number that will put you straight through to themselves.

Ladies who work independently as escorts can be found throughout London and the United Kingdom in general. You will find that these ladies may also join escort agencies for extra exposure. Saucy London have had a number of escorts on our website who also worked independently via their own website. Some clients prefer to book independent escorts because they like the idea of communicating directly with the lady they want to have an escort booking with. The advantages of using an agency is that you have a larger selection of escorts to choose from. Also communication can be more prompt. Also if anything goes wrong agencies are usually better at resolving and compensating the client. Though this may not always be the case.

There are large number of female escorts working as independent escorts in London. Nowadays it is easy to set up a website. Most of them will have their own website. Others will place their profiles on directory sites. Clients will be able to contact them via the contact information on their profile.

Whether you choose an independent escort or an escort from an escort agency, you should do your research before making your selection. There is plenty of fun companionship available in London from either type of escort.