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Swedish escorts in London

Swedish women are known for being blonde, blue eyed and beautiful. This is a popular stereotype. In London many escorts from various parts of the world try and pass themselves off as Swedish. One reason is because they want to hide their own nationality for privacy reasons. Another reason they choose the Swedish nationality is because it adds a cachet of sexiness and allure.

At Saucy London escort agency we have had a few Swedish escorts over the years. Genuine Swedish escorts. They are not all blonde, blue eyed and tall. A few have been. But the Swedish female escorts we have had at the agency have all been lots of saucy fun.

Sweden is part of the European Union and the people of Sweden are able to freely travel to and from the United Kingdom. The Swedish escorts in London tend to be students or living in London and are escorting part time.

We have had a number of Swedish escorts over the years. Currently Saucy London has Alexandra Stein, a Swedish porn star. Check out here profile by clicking Alexandra Stein.